Labour day

Open in Carnegie from 6am - 3pm.

Mentone closed for the day. 


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Mentone, now open!

It is here:

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It looks like this from the outside:

And inside they have coffee, and bagels, and cakes, and... stuff... and, look peeps, I'll be honest, I've been at Carnegie for the past few days, so I don't really know what's going on, but I did swing past today and Megan was making cornbread and gluten free peanut butter biscuits, and I sampled both (SPOILER ALERT, MEGAN'S CORNBREAD AND BISCUITS ARE AMAZING), and then I drank a few coffees, and then I made a sale, and it was the first sale that I'd personally made at the new shop and I was being super nonchalant like, "Oh you would like three bagels? Why certainly sir, I'll just place them in this bag right here as if it is not a momentous occasion, #nobigdeal."

No inside pictures because that will ruin the surprise. (I lie! I don't care about surprises, but I asked Leor to send me some pictures of the inside of the shop because I was too busy eating biscuits to take any, and he sent them to me, in these teeny-tiny file sizes, like 20kb, and I decided not to use them, because obviously I am a really incredibly professional Expert Blogger.) It is staffed by a bunch of young, handsome types, and it sort of has a new shop smell, kind of like how cars have a new car smell. Other local attractions include the train station (on the Frankston line), the beach (nice, windy, lots of sand, scrubby vegetation), and Scicluna's (stockists of many a fine potato chip, like the Boulder Canyon brand).


New shop in Mentone opening kind of soon, at 13 Como Parade West, Mentone.

Maybe in one week, maybe in two weeks! We would like to open sooner, but the company in charge of supplying our gas won't give it to us, even though we have begged them for 6 months now. They're just really busy Facebooking or Tweeting or whatever the Orcs do in Mordor, I mean I don't know, it's nothing personal I suppose except that they obviously hate us and want to make us suffer and want to refuse the good, kind, sweet people of Bayside bagels. I guess what I mean to say is that we're trying, and hopefully we will get gas soon. 


Huff Bagelry Mentone: ACTUAL SIZE. (Jokes!)

Our Carnegie shop is 5 years old this year, it is that child who goes off to school wearing a uniform that is a little bit too large and one of those legionnaire hats (SLIP SLOP SLAP), so we decided to have another baby. It is axiomatic that childbirth is THE MOST PAINFUL THING EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD EVER, and that women only have babies more than one time because they forget how terrible the labour process is, and I know this because although I have not had a baby, my mother tells me the story of my birth, in truly horrific detail, every year on my birthday. Thanks, mum!

Anyway, opening a shop is painful and difficult, and you don't sleep in the first few months, and you can't understand what people are saying even if they are saying very simple things, because really, you just need a day off but you will never have a day off ever again, as long as you live, and sometimes people make jokes like, "You should probably just sleep in the shop tonight because you never go home, ha ha!" and you pretend to laugh back and then excuse yourself to weep in the corner. BUT ALSO, new shops are wonderful, and exciting, and full of potential, and you wonder how they will develop and in what ways they will surprise you next, and in what way you will surprise yourself, like for instance, will you get really into eating beetroot because you happen to serve really delicious beetroot relish at your shop? Or will you eventually become the type of person who anthropomorphises bagel shops, in which case, that is very sad? SEE? IT'S AN ADVENTURE!

Trading hours

Dear all,

Please note that our trading hours are 6am - 4:30pm, seven days a week.

We've had a few customers coming in lately saying that says otherwise. I've investigated this (meaning, half-heartedly tapped / mashed at my iPad screen with my begrimed hands) and come to the conclusion that yeah, does say otherwise, but I don't know what to do because they are this giant faceless corporation and they don't have an email address for me to send an email to with the subject heading, CORRECTION: HUFF BAGELRY TRADING HOURS AS ADVERTISED ON YOUR WEBSITE, so maybe let's all make a pact to not believe everything that google says all the time? Even though I do this as well. OK, great!

Also, and another thing! We don't have EFTPOS facilities. Sometimes people like to come in and present their card and we say, "Sorry, we don't have EFTPOS," and they say, "Oh, but you used to," and we say, "No, never," and they say, "I'm pretty sure I've paid by card here before," and we say, "No one has ever paid by card here, ever," and they say, "Oh," in this kind of dismayed way, and then they have to go to the ATM and sometimes they feel awkward about it, so you know, let it be known that we don't take cards. There are 3 different bank ATMs directly across the road from our shop though, so you will probably be fine unless you are having an unfortunate day and have $19.90 in your bank account and cannot withdraw the minimum $20 required in which case, that sucks, and modern life is annoying, I know.

In which our old "website" is hacked

So this one time, our website was hacked by the ReZK2LL Team, which was fine because we never actually had a proper website. They hacked our splash-page-to-nowhere and put a far more interesting one up, doing us a huge favour really, but customers and suppliers were getting confused and wondering why there was a picture of Mr. Bean riding a moped on our website. It kind of made sense to us, though. We're definitely Mr. Bean-esque when it comes to things like websites, but that's because we're mainly interested in food and coffee, because that is what we do most of the time, when we're not talking about the footy tipping.

Anyway, this is just to say thanks to the Tunisian hackers who ruined our non-website, because now we have a blog that will probably NEVER BE UPDATED. Thanks ReZK2LL Team!


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